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At Kingdom Wealth Creation we have a passion for helping Australians achieve holistic financial success. Our goal is to provide simple, implementable strategies and education, to help Australians navigate specific problems such as paying off their home quicker, building wealth, working less & setting up a self-funded retirement. We have helped to educate hundreds of Australians around the country on strategies and tactics to achieve their goals.

Jamie Pontou

Account manager

Michael Eastwood

Senior account manager

Marcus Jovanovich

General sales manager


When you work with us, you get access to our full suite of experts – all specialists in their field. Below are our strategic licensed partners, both internal & external partners, who will be helping assist you in your journey. Depending on what your situation requires (we are all different), we have a qualified and experienced expert to suit your needs. We believe that working with specialists, rather than a “one size fits all” approach, helps you achieve your goals sooner.

Ian Kenning

Wealth strategist

Jacqueline Dwyer

Property valuer

Darren Fisher

Wealth strategist

Deon Elliot

Wealth strategist

Andy Heytman

Wealth strategist

Jamison Doyle-Taylor

Legal & compliance

Amanda Thomas

Mortgage Broker

Richard Jeffries

Mortgage broker


Kingdom Wealth Creation is not a member of the above associations and governing bodies. Also note not all of the strategic partners listed above are members of the above organisations and governing bodies. For further clarification see individual strategic partners sites for their listed memberships.

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