About Us

Wanting to know more about how Kingdom Wealth Creation can partner with you on your journey? Learn more about our business values and why we do what we do here.

Our Motivation

Kingdom Wealth Creation has a passion for understanding what forms a Wealthy Life. We are relentless in our pursuit to ‘crack the code’ of wealth creation and sharing those ideas with others – to help as many Aussies live a truly Wealthy Life. 

We understand that Wealth looks different to each and every one of us and that the best path to success is individual and unique to us all. We are committed to seeking new strategies and pathways to achieving our goals.

Our Mission

It seems like getting ahead in life has never been harder to achieve. The world is changing at such a rapid pace, that many of the ‘classic’ strategies to create wealth just don’t seem to work anymore. Our goal is to change that.

Through educational resources, tools and content we want to bring the Aussie dream back into reality. Our mission is to help educate 10 million Australians by 2025, and provide them with hope for their future.

Our Values

With so much information available out there, it’s hard to know the good from the bad. We aim to be Australia’s leading source of education, which is no easy task. To help us navigate the journey, we hold fast to our core values as our Polaris Star.

Our values include being integral, transparent, respectful, diligent, hard-working and down to earth. With solid foundations and amazing team, we strive to deliver the best level of education and service that we can.

How We Help

On top of our educational resources, we also serve as a gateway to some of the industry’s top operators. These are independant service prodivers that we’ve built relationships with over several years in the wealth creation space. 

By working with a select group of vetted companies, we can better ensure consistent, positive outcomes.  The best part? There are no charges incurred for this assistance. Any of our compensation received is paid by the companies you may decide to engage with.